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Golden, CO Personal Injury Lawyer

You may be faced with expensive medical bills and many questions after suffering a serious injury. Attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law can help you move forward. Our experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Golden, Colorado care about you and your future. Mr. Finegan can help you pursue justice and maximum financial compensation with tailored legal services. Call (303) 980-5511 today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Mr. Finegan makes sure his clients are kept informed about their cases and options at every step. When you call, you’ll speak directly to the attorney – not a paralegal or associate.
  • Mr. Finegan have over 40 years of experience to put to use on your personal injury case. He uses proven legal strategies for the best possible results.
  • Our personal injury lawyer in Golden operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you’ll only pay if we obtain financial compensation for your losses.

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Golden, CO

The right personal injury lawyer can guide you and your family through a complicated legal process, allowing you to focus on healing. Your Golden, CO personal injury lawyer can handle tasks such as investigating your accident and searching for signs and evidence of fault. Then, your lawyer can take over communications and negotiations with an insurance company on your behalf to fight for fair results. With a lawyer by your side, you can have the peace of mind to focus on your future while an experienced professional takes care of your claim.

Does Hiring a Lawyer Mean Going to Court?

No, hiring a lawyer does not mean you have to bring the defendant to court in Jefferson County. It simply gives you a legal advocate to help you stand up for your rights during insurance claim negotiations, increasing the odds of receiving a fair outcome from the insurance company. The vast majority of personal injury cases in Colorado settle; they don’t go to trial. If the insurance carrier refuses to offer an adequate amount for your injuries, however, your lawyer can represent you in court to demand a fair outcome.

What Types of Cases Do We Accept?

Attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law have been representing injured accident victims in personal injury lawsuits since 1980. He has decades of experience handling many different types of personal injury cases. Our law firm accepts the following types of claims:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. Our lawyers can help you with a car accident case by collecting and presenting evidence that another driver is at fault, such as by driving drunk or distracted. We accept cases involving cars, Ubers/Lyfts, commercial trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Premises liability. A premises liability lawsuit claims that a property owner is responsible for an accident caused by careless property maintenance, such as a slip and fall, elevator accident, violent crime, or dog attack.
  • Serious and catastrophic injuries. Claims involving catastrophic injuries are different from minor injuries, as you may suffer long-term or permanent losses. Your lawyer should have experience negotiating serious injury cases for maximum compensation.
  • Wrongful death. Your family may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit if someone else’s carelessness, neglect or default caused the fatal injury. A wrongful death claim can result in financial compensation for funeral and burial costs, medical bills, and more.

To find out if your case has merit, as well as whether we are the right fit for your legal representation, contact us to request a free consultation. Our attorneys will listen to you as you tell your story, answer your legal questions honestly and provide legal advice for what to do next.

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