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A look at DUID on 420

Most people think of today as Friday, April 20. But for many, today is 420, a day to celebrate cannabis.

As legalization of marijuana spreads across the nation, there are increasing efforts to identify and arrests motorists who are driving while high on marijuana. Here in Colorado, the violation is known as DUID (driving under the influence of a drug). On 420, law enforcement agencies across the state are stepping up their efforts to apprehend DUID drivers.

Risk of Dying in Side-Impact Crash Lower in Cars With "Good" Rating

An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study shows that drivers of cars with ratings of "good" in side-impact crashes are much less likely to die in such crashes than other drivers. Good is the highest rating that IIHS awards.

Reclaiming Life After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Many people never anticipate that their lives might be affected by a traumatic brain injury. Most people plan to graduate from high school, go to college, get a job, get married, get a house, have children, get a dog - and the list goes on. When a mild traumatic brain injury occurs as a result of an accident, that normal life may never be the same.

New Laws Enacted Nationwide to Protect Young Athletes from Concussions

We call them concussions - a knock to the head that results in dizziness, blurred vision, or confusion. But doctors call them TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury. And if that term sounds much more serious, it's with good reason: concussions are serious. Much more serious, in fact, than previously thought just a few years ago.

Legalized marijuana's uncertain impact on Colorado road safety

When Colorado made history in 2012 by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, many opponents of the measure objected on the grounds that it would cause the number of drug-related car accidents in the state to skyrocket. However, in the time since the new law was implemented, something unexpected has happened: Traffic fatalities in Colorado dropped to their lowest levels in over a decade, according to data from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Federal Study Looks at Marijuana's Effect on Driving Ability

With Colorado leading the way, America's legalized marijuana movement has gained considerable momentum in recent years. As marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes becomes increasingly acceptable and widespread, many traffic safety advocates are rightly concerned about the potential impact that these changes could have on the frequency of drugged-driving accidents. To help shed some light on this murky and controversial issue, federal researchers spent several months observing the effects of marijuana use on driving skills.

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