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Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Colorado? 

Posted on January 5, 2024 in
Domestic violence in Colorado is not a criminal offense on its own but rather a sentencing enhancement that increases the penalties of other crimes where the accused and the victim were or are in an intimate relationship. Therefore, determining whether or not domestic violence is a felony charge often depends on several factors, including...
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Colorado Domestic Violence Assault – § 18-6-801 CRS

Posted on November 15, 2023 in
When a fight with a loved one escalates into violence or threats, those actions can lead to criminal charges. Unfortunately, facing these charges can mean jail or even prison time. That can leave you struggling to get your life back on track. So what can you do if you were facing charges of Colorado...
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Aggravated Robbery in Colorado – § 18-4-302 CRS

Posted on November 5, 2023 in
Facing a criminal conviction can be a terrifying situation. Aggravated robbery is a felony, which means a conviction can lead to more than a decade in prison. That can change your life in negative ways. While facing aggravated robbery in Colorado – § 18-4-302 CRS charges are frightening, you do not have to face...
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Guide to Your Miranda Rights

Posted on August 28, 2023 in
We have all heard them on numerous cop shows on television, the familiar “You have the right to remain silent….” But do you really understand your Miranda Rights? The Supreme Court ensured in 1966 that everyone be informed of them if they were ever to face arrest and interrogation while in custody.  If you...
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What are the Consequences of Having a Criminal Record?

Posted on August 19, 2023 in
Being convicted of a crime can be difficult. There are stiff penalties to face, fines to pay, and sometimes time behind bars. After the convicted person has served their time and has paid their debt to society, one would think they were allowed a fresh start and a chance to have a life with...
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