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Collision between SUV and motorcycle sends rider to hospital

Posted on May 24, 2014 in

Colorado residents who ride motorcycles often do so because of the sense of freedom it brings and because it is easier to navigate through traffic in which cars can become slowed to a crawl. Riding a two-wheeled vehicle, however, poses a larger risk to a motorcycle rider because the vehicle itself offers less protection compared to other motor vehicles. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the rider is more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

In midafternoon on a recent Saturday, a collision between a motorcycle and a sport utility vehicle in southeast Colorado Springs sent a motorcyclist to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department. Police say the driver of a Chevrolet Suburban attempted a U-turn from the left turn lane to head north on Circle East Fountain Boulevard when the vehicle struck the motorcyclist who was northbound. According to police investigators, neither alcohol nor speed seemed to be involved. The crash shut down South Circle Drive so police could investigate the incident.

As part of their investigation, authorities usually try to determine the cause of an accident whether one or more parties was at fault. If negligence or failure to exercise due caution is a factor in the crash, then the presumed negligent party can be held liable for a victim’s economic losses such as those from medical treatment.

Many motorcycle accidents produce injuries, in fact. To determine appropriate compensation, the victim should speak with medical professionals and know their legal rights. A lawsuit could provide compensation for injuries.