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Colorado DOT launches initiative to prevent motorcycle accidents

Posted on June 5, 2014 in

Summer weather is perfect for riding motorcycles, so many Colorado residents get on their bikes and take to the streets. But, as the number of riders increase on the streets and highways, motorcycle accidents also seem to rise. The Colorado Department of Transportation knows this for a fact. To help prevent motorcycle crashes, the CDOT has launched a safety campaign encouraging riders to get proper training before hopping on their motorcycles.

Across the state, motorcycle accidents caused 86 deaths to passengers and riders last year. So far in 2014, there have been 25 fatal crashes, including two scooter accidents. Five of these accidents occurred in Denver. The DOT’s “Ride Wise” campaign seeks to reduce these numbers. According to the department’s safety manager, who is also a motorcycle rider, people who have been riding a motorcycle for some time think that they are already highly skilled. Although there is some truth in this, figures showed that polishing a person’s skills through training can prepare riders for unpredictable circumstances.

Analysis of the 2013 crash data showed that 60 percent of the riders involved were above the age of 45 years old, most of them were men and the motorcyclist was at fault in over two-thirds of the incidents. The most prevalent reasons for these accidents included running a red light, speeding and losing control of the vehicle while going around a curve. The DOT, through the campaign, is challenging riders to receive advanced training and hone their skills. Posters and videos showcasing real-life stories of riders will be displayed throughout the state to encourage motorist safety.

In a motorcycle accident, riders often suffer serious injuries, or they could even die. As Colorado bikers do their part to prevent accidents, other motorists must do their share as well. Otherwise, a negligent driver could be held legally responsible if an accident occurs and a rider or a passenger suffers injuries.