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Company shares keys to success, prevention of truck accidents

Posted on January 6, 2014 in

For more than half a century, Con-way Truckload has made its mark on the trucking industry. It is one of the most successful truck companies, not just in this area, but the rest of the United States as well. It has been guided by its principles of excellence, commitment, integrity and safety. These are core values that all Colorado truck companies should also take to heart, since sometimes safety takes a backseat in order to make bigger profits. Here are the success strategies Con-way uses to maintain a high level of excellence, while keeping truck accidents at bay.

Make safety the foundation for success. Keeping safety a priority can be a difficult task, especially in such a competitive industry. The company’s human resources vice presidents stated that in order to always keep track of their principles of safety, they have a four-prong approach-customer satisfaction, world class safety, utilization and yield and driver focus. The company keeps up to date on new technology to make sure it’s safety profile is world class. Besides using cameras, it employs anti-rollover technology, rear collision avoidance methods and systems for lane departure.

Con-way finds and trains the best drivers. The truck driver pool can be shallow, so the company is not afraid to fish in uncharted waters. The company looks in locations with a high employment rate and introduces the truck driving profession to willing applicants. Although it does not shy away from employing experienced drivers, it seeks to build its own professional workforce. This also means that the company trains drivers extensively before they get behind the wheel. Finally, the company selects the best trucks for their fleet and maintains them on a regular basis.

Safety is always an important building block for any company. Colorado truck companies and drivers can strive for well-respected status if they place safety front and center. Otherwise, they could be held liable if their negligence causes a truck accident.