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Fatal motorcycle accidents rise in Colorado Springs

Posted on November 25, 2014 in

Many Coloradoans use motorcycles so state officials and other safety groups make it a point to remind motorcyclists to always put safety front and center since motorcycles lack protection for riders. Motorcycle drivers and passengers can easily sustain serious injuries or even lose their lives when an accident occurs. Despite the efforts of Colorado officials and safety groups, recent statistics indicate this help has fallen on deaf ears because fatal motorcycle accidents have increased in Colorado Springs, as well as El Paso County.

According to the latest statistics, Colorado Springs riders have already experienced 16 fatal motorcycle accidents this year, a 50 percent increase from the previous year. Despite the fact that Colorado Springs often has a high incidence of motorcycle accidents, the sudden surge still came as a surprise. El Paso County on the other hand, has reported 11 fatal motorcycle crashes. The concern is that since motorcycle registration has steadily increased, from 5,400 in 2010 to nearly 6,400 in 2012, so will the fatal accidents.

Experts, including Drive Smart Colorado’s executive director, advised riders to invest in proper protective gear, helmets and training. The vice president for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation reiterated the need for proper training, especially since, according to reports, most riders who died in the accidents lacked formal motorcycle training. The lack of training shows crashes occur when a rider does not know how to avoid a crash by swerving or braking properly. Experts also indicated that new riders, to save money, often buy more affordable motorcycles. However, these vehicles may not suit their current riding skill set or style.

The experts also added that car drivers also share the responsibility of preventing motorcycle accidents. Drivers should always be aware of sharing the road with motorcycles and should avoid driving distracted while behind the wheel.