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Filing an Auto Accident Claim? Here Are 4 Things to Remember to Do…

Posted on November 16, 2015 in

When filing an auto accident claim, here are the main things to do to protect your claim for compensation, a Lakewood auto accident attorney reveals.

Recovering from a car accident will usually require that drivers file claims with auto insurance providers. This process typically triggers an accident investigation to determine which parties are liable for the collision and damages.

While filing an auto accident claim may seem pretty straightforward, however, it is important for motorists to remember that:

  • They need to be careful when interacting with insurance companies, as these entities are generally focused on their own profits – not helping victims recover.
  • What they do and say during the claims process can end up affecting their claim and their financial recoveries.

The Do’s of Filing Car Crash Claims

So, to help you preserve the value of your auto accident claim, here are some of the main things to remember to do in the claims process:

  1. Only report the facts – When notifying the insurer of the crash, be sure to report facts like where and when the wreck occurred, how many parties were involved in the crash and whether you received any emergency medical treatment following the accident. Reporting the facts, however, does not include admitting blame or trying to assign fault for the crash.
  2. Only make an official statement about the crash when you are ready to – These statements are recorded, and what is said in them can be used in make determinations regarding your claim later. So, only agree to make an official statement if or when you are ready to do so. Don’t let an insurer try to push you into this before your head is clear enough to carefully discuss the facts.
  3. Keep everything the insurer sends you – Any letters, emails or other mail an insurance provider sends you should be retained just in case anything with your claim goes south later. Similarly, it’s smart to maintain a call log if you are having regular or multiple calls with insurers, as the log and other evidence may be important later if you need to prove that your claim was mishandled or was subjected to bad faith practices.
  4. Talk to a lawyer before accepting an auto accident settlement – This is a must because it’s all-too-common for these offers to be way less than accident victims deserve. In fact, although settlement offers may seem substantial, they may not fully compensate people for their future medical treatments or their future lost earnings. An attorney can review the provisions of these offers and tell you when it’s in your best interests to negotiate for more (because you may be entitled to more).

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