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Hit-and-run driver injures child after July 4 fireworks show

Posted on July 5, 2014 in

Independence Day is usually celebrated with family gatherings, barbecues, picnics and fireworks displays. But in Denver recently, one family’s enjoyment of local fireworks ended when a child was injured in a pedestrian accident.

The child – whose name and age were not released by the Denver Police Department -was hit at around 9:45 p.m. by an eastbound sports utility vehicle on West 23rd Avenue near the intersection with Decatur Street. The child had just attended a fireworks show with his family when the incident occurred. The SUV driver did not stop and was last seen driving on West 23rd past Clay Street. The child suffered a broken bone. His condition was not immediately known. Witnesses say the SUV was a crossover type, like a GMC Terrain, and its rear window had a white sticker. Denver Police are continuing to investigate the incident and have asked anyone with information about the SUV or its driver to contact them.

The accident is a good example of how easily a pedestrian can be injured in an encounter with a motor vehicle. Pedestrian accidents can occur without warning and typically seriously injure or kill the pedestrian. These accidents are generally preventable, and drivers are responsible for observing every pedestrian’s right of way. Failure to yield right of way is an act of negligence. In this case, given the late hour and the presence of large numbers of people following the local fireworks display, it appears that the driver failed to drive responsibly. If the driver is found, there will likely be criminal penalties.

Any Colorado pedestrian injured by a negligent driver can attempt hold that driver accountable in civil court. A personal injury lawsuit can require the driver to provide compensation to the victim for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.