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How to avoid a drunk driving charge in Colorado on New Year’s

Posted on December 27, 2019 in

2020 is almost here — and, for many folks, that means celebrating the night away with your friends and family. Wine, beer and liquor will probably be flowing freely wherever you go, however, so plan ahead to avoid a drunk driving charge.

Here are some of your options:

1. Get a free ride

If you happen to be anywhere the Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates a bus line or a light rail, you can hop on for a free ride anywhere you need to go from 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve until the lines shut down on New Year’s Day.

2. Pay for transport

Maybe you won’t be near a line — or maybe you just don’t want to wait. That’s still no reason to get behind the wheel if you’re inebriated. Before you head out the door, download the Lyft and Uber apps to your phone and set up payment. That will make it easy to call for a ride home (even if you’ve had a few too many).

3. Know your route

If you intend to limit your alcohol intake so that you can still drive home, just be aware that the police are always working extra hard during the New Year’s holiday to spot possible drunk drivers. You may look drunk (even if you aren’t) just because you’re tired and weaving on an unfamiliar road.

4. Don’t take chances

Finally, if you have any doubt about your sobriety or you feel even slightly “buzzed,” don’t take a chance. Call a friend for a ride or stay where you are until you’re sober. It’s better than winding up behind bars or in some kind of accident.

If you do end up arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, don’t assume that your case is hopeless. An experienced attorney can often help.