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Motorcycle accidents through the eyes of an avid cyclist

Posted on March 28, 2018 in

Any accident on a motorcycle can leave its rider with a wide variety of serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents can also lead to permanent disabilities andfatalities. Even in cases where riders are harmed, victims are sometimes blamed for causing the accidents by other motorists. Defendants in personal injury lawsuits filed by motorcyclists often have extremely aggressive representation. Our Colorado law firm, however, not only specializes in handling motorcycle accidents, but also has a unique perspective when it comes to such accidents. After all, the person for whom the law firm was named is an avid motorcycle rider himself.

This unique perspective gives us an edge in helping our clients after an accident. Motorcycling experience and knowledge, coupled with years of legal expertise, can bolster the case of any accident victim. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients in Denver and elsewhere in Colorado receive monetary awards. Besides seeking compensation for injuries, we specialize in the most terrible accidents, those that result in catastrophic injuries, like spinal cord damage, amputations and head trauma. We also represent surviving family members in fatal accidents.

As much as we support riders, we also help them realize any mistakes they make on the road. We help clients who were injured as passengers on motorcycles because the motorcyclists were reckless. We also handle cases of both underinsured and uninsured drivers. We have extensive experience in recovering damages from insurance companies. If a rider is injured or dies because of a defective helmet or motorcycle, we can help with those cases too.

Motorcycle accidents are unique. No two accidents are the same. Our firm understands and embraces this fact. We make sure we use our valuable insights and legal expertise, so Colorado accident victims can achieve not only compensation, but also some measure of justice.