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Pedestrian suffers severe injuries in car accident

Posted on March 28, 2015 in

Each day, pedestrians are at risk of getting hit by vehicles as they walk the busy streets of Denver. Pedestrians are not surrounded by the protective casing a vehicle provides, making them susceptible to serious injuries if they are involved in an accident.

Tragically, a local teenager was hit by a vehicle in the Fort Collins area and suffered severe injuries. The man responsible for the accident fled the scene. He is now facing a careless driving charge as well as a felony charge for leaving the scene of an accident. The 16-year-old boy is currently recovering from his serious injuries.

Police say that the man may have caused the accident by falling asleep at the wheel. Driving while sleep deprived is a common problem in today’s society, where hardly anyone gets enough sleep. Drowsy driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence all play a role in numerous pedestrian accidents. According to the CDC, drowsy driving is at least partially responsible for anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 accidents every year. Drowsiness can slow a driver’s reaction time and make them less attentive.

When pedestrian accidents occur as a result of a driver’s negligence, victims suffer significant harm in the form of physical, emotional, and financial losses. Fortunately, they may be awarded damages to help cover their medical expenses and lost wages. In order for the victim to be successful in court, though, he will have to show that the driver who hit him was in fact negligent and that that negligence caused his injuries. In successful suits, the damages awarded might help people who have suffered so much get back on their feet after an accident.