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What happens if you get a second DUI?

Posted on July 3, 2019 in

Everyone makes mistakes and a DUI is one of the most dangerous and expensive mistakes that you can make. DUI laws are in place to prevent people from receiving multiple convictions, but that doesn’t always happen. While your first DUI is costly, becoming a repeat offender in Colorado is something you should avoid.

In fact, a court can charge you as a repeat offender in Colorado even if your first DUI was out of state. All Colorado law says is that you only need to have a prior DUI conviction for the law to consider you a repeat offender. That ambiguity opens you up to more serious punishment even if it’s your first DUI in the state.

Possible penalties for repeat DUI offenders include:

  •  Ten days to one year in jail with the possibility of alternative sentencing.
  •  A $600 to $1,500 fine.
  •  Forty-eight to 120 days of “useful” community service.
  •  Two years or more of probation.

The five-year window

The consequences for an additional DUI within five years of your first are more severe. In this scenario, the law eliminates the possibility of alternative sentencing methods. At this point, the only available sentencing exceptions are enrolling in a county-run program that allows you to keep your job or enrollment in school. A judge may also order you to complete an alcohol driving safety class or alcohol treatment program.

If you have one DUI conviction, it’s wise to avoid another one. Punishments for repeat offenses are especially serious and you should still be cautious if you have a DUI conviction in another state.