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Where does Denver rank in recent best driver report?

Posted on August 27, 2014 in

When it comes to the prevention of auto accidents, being a safe driver definitely makes a world of difference. Besides transportation agencies, police and safety organizations, insurance providers are entirely familiar with this idea. One insurance provider, AllState Insurance, recently released its annualBest Drivers Report, and the results showed how Denver and other cities in Colorado ranked in the nation.

The research examined 200 cities around the United States based on factors, such as population density and how drivers travel during specific weather conditions. According to the research, Denver ranked 88th overall in the 2014 rankings, with Denver’s drivers ranking 98th when driving in rainy and snowy conditions. When all driving conditions were considered, Denver’s drivers ranked 37th in the nation. Two Colorado cities shone more brightly in the report. Colorado Springs ranked as the 14th safest driving city. Sixty miles north of Denver, Fort Collins took the top overall spot as the city with the safest drivers, placing first in overall driving conditions and second when rainy and snowy conditions were considered.

Among all cities included in the report, Philadelphia ranked worst in terms of driving safety. Research showed that drivers in the city were more than 60 percent more likely to be involved in car accidents than the average American driver. Average Philadelphia drivers experience a car crash approximately every six years.

To further emphasize safety, the insurance provider provided several safety tips that can be beneficial for drivers across the country. In terms of driving in densely populated areas, drivers should never rush, and always follow traffic regulations and be alert. Also, drivers should use traffic reports to get a clear picture of prevailing road conditions. To prevent accidents in extreme weather conditions, drivers are advised to properly maintain their vehicles and maintain safe distances from other vehicles.