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4 Essential Facts to Know about Distracted Driving

Posted on October 26, 2015 in

Distracted driving is a prominent concern for transportation regulators, law enforcement officials and even lawmakers. Unfortunately, however, it does not seem to concern as many motorists as it should, as too many drivers across the U.S. continue to give in to distractions while driving, increasing the risks of an auto accident for everyone else on the road with them.

To inspire more drivers to put away the distractions and commit to focusing on the road every time they get behind the wheel, below

are some of the most important facts to be aware when it comes to distracted driving.

Important Facts about Distracted Driving & Distracted Drivers

  1. Knowing these facts about distracted driving may convince you to put down the distractions for good whenever getting behind the wheel, a Lakewood personal injury lawyer explains.

    Distracted driving contributes to about 1 in every 4 traffic accidents in the U.S. – Distracted driving is reportedly involved in about 23 percent of all motor vehicle accidents that occur on U.S. roads. While distractions can (and do) plague drivers of any age, they tend to be more prevalent (and dangerous) among less experienced teen drivers. In fact, about 11 percent of fatal traffic crashes involving teen motorists also involve a distracted teen driver.

  2. Distracted driving causes impairments similar to drunk driving – Many drivers don’t realize this, but dividing one’s attention while driving can result in impaired perception and reaction times, both of which are some of the most dangerous impairments associated with drunk drivers.In fact, as various research has found, when drivers are distracted, they can miss seeing as much as 50 percent of their surroundings/driving environment, and their reaction times can be slowed down by as much as 20 seconds or so. Additionally, some studies have found that distracted drivers may be up to six times more likely than drunk drivers to be involved in traffic accidents.
  3. Distractions can occur regardless of whether drivers’ hands are on the steering wheel – This point really goes towards revealing the fact that the use of hands-free devices, as well as in-vehicle infotainment systems, can be just as distracting to drivers as using cellphones (or other devices). This is because the act of multitasking itself (rather the fact that hands are involved) is the real distraction to drivers.
  4. Distracted driving accidents are 100% preventable – More than 3,100 people are killed and about 424,000 others are hurt by distracted drivers each year in the U.S. What may be more tragic than these numbers is the fact that all of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented if drivers had been committed to focusing on the road.

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