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Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

After being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or drug-related intoxication (DUID), driving while ability impaired (DWAI) or drug-related impairment (DWAID) in Colorado, it may seem as if relying on a public defender for your legal defense makes good financial sense. While public defenders provide a great service, the fact is, DUI law is a very complex field of criminal law, requiring a very technical defense.

An experienced DUI defense attorney is often able to pursue effective strategies to fight your DUI charge, based on an understanding of very narrow legal concepts, particularly when working to have the charge reduced from DUI to driving while ability impaired (DWAI) or lower.

If you have been charged with DUI in a community in the Colorado Front Range region, you will be facing many important decisions about your case. Make your first decision the right one. Call Denver DUI lawyer James L. Finegan at(303) 980-5511. Work with an attorney with more than 35 years of experience fighting to protect the rights and the future of people charged with DUI and related driving offenses.

Why Hire A DUI Lawyer? To Help You Get The Best Possible Outcome.

An experienced DUI defense lawyer will know the prosecutor’s strategies for pursuing a conviction or plea arrangement. In addition, prosecutors know when they are working with an attorney who has knowledge and experience and are often more apt to agree to reduced charges or penalties, based on the defense lawyer’s ability to present a strong case for a jury, if the case proceeds to trial.

Why Hire A DUI Lawyer? To Minimize The Punishment.

Even if you know you cannot deny the charges — or you have already accepted a plea agreement — it is important to hire an attorney who understands the Colorado DUI penalties. An experienced attorney knows what to expect from the judge who will be handing down the penalties. By presenting a strong case that focuses on the impact on the individual and family, penalties can often be reduced in favor of an outcome that will not have the harsh effects of jail time, lengthy driver’s license suspension or an excessive fine.

Denver DUI lawyer James Finegan represents clients charged with DUI in courts throughout the Colorado Front Range region. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation with him today.