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Repeat Offense DUIs

Colorado courts take DUI seriously and expect an offender to learn from the penalties handed down from a first offense. Courts are particularly tough on repeat offenders.

Colorado imposes enhanced penalties on those convicted of two or more DUI charges. If you are under habitual traffic offender (HTO) revocation, a driver may face a felony charge for a DUI offense. For repeat DUI or DWAI offenses, the driver faces a minimum of 10 to 60 days in jail and up to a year or more, court costs and significant fines. Collateral punishments can include the almost certain suspension of your license, an increase in insurance rates, revocation of your commercial driver’s license, many hours of community service, a criminal record and other penalties.

If your multiple DUI arrest resulted in the serious injury or death of another, you could be facing additional felony charges and penalties. Similarly, if you were arrested for DUI while driving with a minor in the car or had a blood alcohol content of .2 percent or higher, additional penalties apply.

You Must Take Your Repeat Offense DUI Very Seriously — The Judge Will

If you are facing a repeat offense DUI in a community in the Colorado Front Range region, get in touch with Denver DUI Attorney James L. Finegan soon. He provides zealous, effective advocacy on behalf of people facing the serious consequences of a second, third, fourth or additional DUI conviction. He also defends drivers charged with DWAI (driving while ability impaired, a lesser charge). He has secured favorable outcomes for clients facing repeat DUI charges, also known as DWI in other states.

Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer will negotiate with prosecutors, advocate for alternative penalties, and ensure that the police and the prosecution handled your case properly and preserved your rights. Defending clients since 1980, attorney James L. Finegan has the knowledge and experience to help each client obtain the best possible outcome.

Possible Colorado Penalties For Repeat Offense DWAI And DUI Within Five Years:

  • DWAI, up to: One year in jail; $1,500 fine; 96 hours of public service; alcohol education class; two years of probation
  • DUI up to: One year in jail; $1,500 fine; mandatory minimum 48 up to 120 hours of public service; alcohol education class; two years of probation

Three major offenses such as DUI, DWAI, reckless driving or driving under restraint within seven years will result in being listed as a habitual traffic offender (HTO) and subject the driver to a license suspension of five years, on top of applicable criminal penalties. Any subsequent DUI may be charged as a felony offense.

Defense Strategies For Repeat DUI

To build you a strong defense, attorney James L. Finegan will work with investigators who will review the traffic stop and determine whether police had reasonable suspicion to even contact you. He will evaluate the results of field sobriety tests and examine the Intoxilyzer 9000 testing to ensure that it was calibrated properly. He will consult with physicians and other medical specialists to learn if a medical condition or prescription drugs could have affected the results of the field sobriety and Intoxilyzer/blood tests. He will build a strong case that can lead to alternative penalties or a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Charged With A Second DUI Offense In Colorado? Call Today!

Although it may be discouraging and seem like an impossible charge to handle, Attorney James L. Finegan can help you prepare for a better future after your repeat offense. All is not lost. He defends clients against DUI charges in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County. Call him at(303) 980-5511 to schedule your free consultation.