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Lakewood Fatal Workplace Accident Attorney

With over thirty years of experience in the legal industry, attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law has devoted his energies to helping surviving loved ones recover after a fatal workplace accident. Along with that commitment comes dedication to offering sensitive, effective legal guidance to families left behind by on-the-job accidents.

Flesch & Beck Law is a practical, highly regarded Lakewood fatal workplace accident attorney with clear strengths in wrongful death litigation. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, please accept our condolences and contact our attorneys. We have the experience and expertise needed to take on your case.

Why Choose Us?

Mr. Finegan brings experience in a broad range of job accident cases. He handles the necessary investigation and litigation after:

  • Construction site accidents and industrial accidents, including fires and explosions
  • On-the-job vehicle accidents, including fatal car and trucking accidents
  • Collapses, falls and impacts that can cause catastrophic injuries or a tragic working death
  • Equipment-related accidents that merit investigation into a products liability claim

Care for your needs and responsiveness to your questions are hallmarks of the service provided by Lakewood personal injury attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law. Fast action and thorough investigation — often alongside OSHA and insurance investigators — are factors in case-building success for his clients.

What Colorado Industries Have High Workplace Accidents?

Every year in Colorado, an average of 112 workers lose their lives while on the clock. Many of these work related deaths are preventable and avoidable. Some of the most dangerous jobs in 2019 that resulted in high fatal accidents per 100,000 people include:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (23.1 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers)
  • Mining (14.6 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers)
  • Transportation and warehousing (13.9 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers)
  • Construction (9.7 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers)

While working in these industries, it is imperative to follow all of the required safety regulations and requirements. If you believe that safety regulations were not properly adhered to, our Lakewood, CO fatal workplace accident lawyers can help. Contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss the options available for surviving loved ones.

Lakewood CO fatal accident at work

Who Can File a Claim for a Fatal Workplace Accident in Colorado?

When an accident in the workplace occurs that impacts an employees’ ability to work for more than three days or shifts. The employer is legally required to report the injury through the First Report of Injury with the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DOWC) within ten days of the accident.

After a loved one suffers a fatal workplace accident, surviving family members may wonder who can file a claim for a fatal accident in Colorado. In Colorado, only certain surviving members can file a wrongful death claim.

First Year – If a person that has fallen victim to a wrongful death, and that fatally injured person is married, only the surviving spouse can file a wrongful death lawsuit in the first year after the date the deceased has passed. The surviving spouse may also formally file a claim in writing to allow the deceased individual’s children to file a claim. If the deceased does not have a spouse or children, a designated beneficiary or surviving parents can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Second Year – After one year has passed from the fatal workplace accident, additional individuals are permitted to file an injury claim, any of the following relatives or beneficiaries can file a claim in the second year following a loved one’s death.

  • Surviving spouse
  • Surviving children
  • Surviving spouse and surviving children
  • Designated beneficiary and surviving children

How Long Do I Have to File a Fatal Workplace Claim in Colorado?

There are time limits associated with filing claims for fatal accidents. In Colorado, the time limit to file a claim for the death of a loved one as a result of a fatal workplace accident is two years from the date of the accident.

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If you are evaluating your need for a Lakewood fatal workplace attorney, call (303) 980-5511. You may also contact Flesch & Beck Law directly via email for a free consultation.

The process for recovering all the compensation from insurance companies or negligent parties will be in good hands with Lakewood fatal workplace accident lawyers at Flesch & Beck Law on your side. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.