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Lakewood Amputations Attorney

If you were involved in an accident that severed your arm, leg, hand, foot or another body part — or you had to undergo amputation surgery afterward — the physical and emotional pain you feel may both be overwhelming. It is essential to contact Lakewood amputations attorney.

Flesch & Beck Law will prioritize your well-being while examining all your legal options for recovering financial compensation. Contact our experienced Lakewood personal injury attorneys at (303) 980-5511.

Why Choose Us?

For more than 40 years, Flesch & Beck Law has been a proven resource for victims of serious accidents in Lakewood, the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado. He is widely respected in legal circles for his case-building, negotiating and litigation skills. Equally important, he is known to people as the firm has helped for his genuine human compassion and determination to make a real difference in their lives. The firm works on a contingency fee basis and only collects compensation if our clients cases are successful.

A Knowledgeable Lakewood Amputations Lawyer That Can Help You Receive The Proper Compensation

Mr. Finegan’s experience and capabilities extend to:

  • All aspects of motor vehicle accident investigation, liability and insurance negotiations, or courtroom litigation in cases arising from trucking accidents and motorcycle wrecks, as well as SUV rollovers and a vast range of car accidents
  • The full range of legal options for injured workers, including amputation victims with valid claims and those justified in pursuing a third-party personal injury lawsuit against someone other than his or her employer
  • Building strong cases for sizable compensation to cover prosthetic replacement, physical rehabilitation, necessary adaptive equipment, psychological counseling, and other immediate and long-term needs

Lakewood CO amputations attorney

Determined To Win The Best Possible Settlement

Working with a Lakewood amputation accident lawyer who is willing to go the distance in negotiations or take your case to trial if needed may be the only way to obtain a fair financial recovery. Attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law are committed to fully understanding clients’ needs and relentlessly targeting settlements that help people rebuild their lives after tragedies.

Please contact Flesch & Beck Law to schedule a free consultation focused on your accident, your medical condition and legal options for improving your future. You will pay no attorney fees whatsoever unless Flesch & Beck Law takes your case and obtains compensation for you. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver, Lakewood and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.