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Englewood Traffic Violations Lawyer

Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket for an alleged traffic violation can be nerve-wracking. While it may seem easiest to just pay the ticket, this can result in additional consequences, such as higher insurance premiums or points against your driver’s license. An Englewood traffic violations lawyer can help individuals facing traffic violation citations.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to fight the ticket and avoid serious penalties. If you recently received a ticket for a traffic offense in Englewood, Colorado, contact James L. Finegan, P.C. Our Englewood traffic violation lawyers can review your legal options during a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

Our Englewood traffic violation lawyers have helped individuals facing moving citations. Our law firm has more than three decades of experience assisting individuals facing violations for traffic related citations.

If an individual has a history of traffic violations, one may be facing severe penalties associated with the violation. Our law firm may be able to help reduce or dismiss a moving violation. Dependent on the unique circumstances of each case, our firm caters an approach to the case at hand.

What Is a Traffic Violation?

A traffic violation means a motor vehicle operator broke a state or municipal traffic law or roadway rule. These rules are in place to help maintain efficient traffic flow and prevent car accidents. If a police officer sees a driver break a traffic law, he or she can conduct a traffic stop and issue a ticket for the alleged violation.

Common reasons for traffic tickets in Englewood include:

A moving violation is an infraction that takes place while the car is in motion. A nonmoving violation, on the other hand, occurs when a car is parked, such as a parking offense. Either type of traffic violation can lead to a fine and other penalties in Colorado.

Your Options After Receiving a Traffic Ticket in Colorado

If you get pulled over in Englewood and receive a traffic ticket for an alleged violation, different options may be available to you. Go over these options in more detail and receive personalized legal advice by contacting a traffic violation attorney at James L. Finegan, P.C.

  • Pay the fine. First, you can plead guilty by paying the fine. You can do this by mailing in your citation and payment. Upon receipt, your case will be closed and the violation will show up as a conviction on your driving record.
  • Go to traffic school (if eligible). If the courts give you this option, you can enroll in traffic school to avoid points on your driving record. You will still have to pay the full amount of the ticket, however, unless you can prove financial hardship.
  • Provide proof of correction (if eligible). If the ticket you received was for a correctable violation, such as broken equipment, you can pay for the repairs and go to court to prove that you corrected the issue to avoid the fine.
  • Appear at court. You also have the option of appearing at the hearing date listed on the ticket to either request an arraignment where you can enter a plea or ask the court to decide the issue by trial (whereby you would have to post the full bail amount).
  • Plead not guilty. Finally, you could appear for your court date and ask for a trial. During your arraignment, you would enter a plea of not guilty and wait for your second hearing, where you would attempt to prove your case.

Defenses you could use to fight a traffic violation include missing elements of a crime, subjective conclusion or observation, necessity for committing the violation, and mistake of fact.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation in Englewood, CO

Consulting with an Englewood traffic violation attorney can help you fully understand and evaluate each of your options. You may be able to avoid paying the ticket and facing the other consequences of a traffic offense, such as points against your license, with help from a lawyer and a strong defense strategy.

Attorney James L. Finegan, P.C. has spent more than 40 years representing clients. Find out how he can help you today. Request a free consultation online or at (303) 980-5511 now.