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Risk of Dying in Side-Impact Crash Lower in Cars With “Good” Rating

Posted on March 28, 2018 in

An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study shows that drivers of cars with ratings of “good” in side-impact crashes are much less likely to die in such crashes than other drivers. Good is the highest rating that IIHS awards.

IIHS simulated left-side crashes with passenger cars. The barrier that hit the cars weighed 3,300 pounds and traveled at 31 miles per hour. It resembled an SUV or pickup truck, rather than a smaller car. The dummy on the driver’s side approximated the size of a small woman.

Good, Acceptable, Marginal, Poor

IIHS rates vehicles under four categories: good, acceptable, marginal and poor. The recent study shows that IIHS’ ratings of car safety would translate into crash survival rates in the real world.

The institute tested only cars with side airbags to keep the study balanced. The marked difference in results shows that airbags, while important, are not the whole safety picture.

A Clear Difference in Safety Outcomes

Compared to vehicles with lesser ratings, cars with a rating of good protect their passengers much more reliably in car accidents. A driver in a vehicle with a good rating is:

  • 70 percent less likely to die than in a vehicle with a poor rating
  • 64 percent less like to die than in a vehicle with a moderate rating
  • 49 percent less like to die than in a vehicle with an acceptable rating

Twenty-seven percent of occupant deaths in overall passenger vehicle accidents occur during side-impact crashes. Certainly, the rating of the car’s side-impact matters.

What To Do

If you are shopping for a car, pay special attention to the crash ratings. They may be vital to the survival of you or your loved ones – especially in Colorado, where the roads can be treacherous.

In addition, if you or a family member has been seriously hurt by a negligent driver, contact an attorney to discuss your rights. You may be able to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered.

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