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Tips for fighting Colorado traffic violations

Posted on July 27, 2018 in

Getting pulled over in Colorado does not have to be as stressful as many think it is. When you are issued a traffic ticket, you need to take it seriously. Do not toss the ticket in the trash, refuse to pay it or even argue with the officer about the suspected violation. Here are some tips for ,.

One of the most common defenses used to fight a traffic ticket is to dispute the evidence presented by the officer. This can be done using witness statements made by passengers in your vehicle or even other drivers around you at the time of the incident. This defense method is especially useful when you are traveling with people who are in other vehicles and can attest to what happened.

You could also consider using the defense where you argue that the illegal maneuvers were warranted. You will need to paint a picture or provide evidence that shows your illegal maneuvers helped keep you safe. For example, maybe you violated the posted speed limit in an effort to get past a vehicle you suspected was being driven by a drunk, distracted or fatigued driver.

Another defense option is to prove that the ticket was issued because you operated the vehicle on mistake of fact. This is a defense where you need to prove or convince the judge that the driving was warranted. For example, maybe you were issued a ticket for driving in two lanes at the same time. You could argue that the lines were worn down so much that you didn’t know the road was supposed to be two lanes.

A traffic ticket does not mean you will find yourself in a heap of legal trouble. But, it also doesn’t mean you can simply ignore the ticket. You have two choices: Pay the fine without fighting it or hire a lawyer to help fight the violation.