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Helping Those Injured As A Result Of A Brake Failure

Brake failure can occur in passenger vehicles, semitrucks and smaller commercial vehicles and can cause catastrophic accidents, serious injuries and fatalities. After such an accident, it is important for the injured person to consult a knowledgeable Lakewood brake failure attorney to learn about his or her rights and options.

Attorney James L. Finegan helps clients injured in brake failure accidents in the Denver area, including throughout Jefferson County. His resources and knowledge allow him to build strong cases for individuals, as he will consult with a variety of experts and investigate the accident thoroughly.

At our firm, Attorney James L. Finegan reviews all relevant insurance coverage, interviews witnesses and discovers the effect of the accident on the victim’s life and family.

Causes Of Defective Brakes: Maintenance And Manufacturing

There are two primary causes of brake failure: Poor maintenance and manufacturing defects. Attorney James L. Finegan digs deeply to uncover the details of the accident and identify the source of the brake failure. He works with accident reconstructionists, brake specialists, engineers, road design experts and others who can add to his knowledge of the accident.

Brake failure cases can involve:

  • Oil leaks that reduce friction
  • Overheated brakes
  • Worn brake pads
  • Traveling too fast for conditions that enhance the consequences of brake failure
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Failure of brake components such as rotors, calipers, drums and brake lines

Problems such as these are often the result of poor maintenance, which can be attributed to the negligence of the vehicle owner who failed to perform scheduled brake checks and repairs. It could also be traced to the repair shop that allegedly performed the maintenance.

Defective brakes can also be caused by the manufacturing process. An experienced lawyer should work with investigators who perform the research needed to determine whether a brake failure was the result of design flaws or errors during the manufacture of the vehicle or the brake parts. That’s what we do.

Call For A Free Case Evaluation

To learn about your options after an accident caused by brake failure, call 303-586-2961 or toll-free at 303-586-2961 or email Attorney James L. Finegan, to schedule a free initial consultation at our Lakewood, Colorado, office. He can assess your case before you have to commit to filing any claims.