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SUV Rollovers

A passenger van or SUV rollover accident is among the most devastating types of roadway crashes that can occur. A thorough investigation is often necessary to unravel potential causes of the accident and determine liability. Your case may call for an attorney who has extensive products liability knowledge as well as personal injury and wrongful death case experience.

To work directly with a lawyer who has been advocating tenaciously for the rights of auto accident victims and wrongful death survivors throughout Colorado since 1980, please request a free consultation with Attorney James L. Finegan today.

Attorney James L. Finegan Will Find The Cause

Our Lakewood personal injury firm is intensely dedicated to helping SUV rollover accident victims recover all the compensation available through insurance coverage or other sources. His experience and capabilities extend to taking action for people victimized by:

  • Auto part failures and overall design defects that contribute to unacceptable rollover susceptibility or crashworthiness — ranging from tire defects and tread separation to structural problems that allow a roof crush or driver/passenger ejection from the vehicle
  • Others’ unsafe, inattentive driving or overly aggressive driving that can lead to required evasive action and loss of control over the SUV or van
  • A wide range of other forms of negligence justifying legal action against another driver, a vehicle or parts manufacturer, or a municipality or state agency responsible for unsafe road conditions

Recover What You Are Owed

To consult a lawyer who will truly focus on your needs and your maximum recovery, remaining responsive to you and keeping you involved through every phase of your case, please call Attorney James L. Finegan at (303) 980-5511. Serving clients in Lakewood and the Denver area.