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Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance

A semitruck is a complex piece of machinery with tractor, cab, steering, brakes, couplings, tires and many other components. When a trucking company skimps on maintenance, parts can become worn or damaged, resulting in failure and causing accidents.

If you suspect that your injury was the result of an accident caused by poor maintenance, call Denver and Lakewood Attorney James L. Finegan at (303) 980-5511. He will help you learn more about your rights and discuss if you may be eligible for compensation for your damages and losses.

Building Strong Cases

Attorney James L. Finegan advocated for clients injured in truck accidents caused by poor maintenance. He has the resources to investigate thoroughly and build compelling cases, and he works with trucking specialists, engineers and other experts to determine whether inadequate maintenance caused the accident. He also consults medical specialists to learn the extent of the client’s injury and its effect on his or her family and future.

Mr. Finegan digs deeply to identify how the maintenance deficit caused the accident. Were the brakes worn? Did weakened couplings cause the truck to separate from the trailer? Did retreaded tires cause the driver to lose control? Was an easily repaired electrical defect left to cause system failure? He obtains all the maintenance records to answer questions such as these. The investigators interview drivers, maintenance providers and trucking company supervisors to build a picture of inadequate maintenance that allows Mr. Finegan’s clients to obtain compensation.

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For a lawyer with more than 40 years of experience with poor maintenance cases in Colorado, call(303) 980-5511. You may also contact Mr. Finegan directly via email for a free initial consultation. The firm represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.