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Crashes Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue

Fatigue is the great enemy of truck drivers. To combat this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed rules limiting the number of hours drivers can operate. Additionally, drivers are required to keep logs of their driving and off-duty periods.

Despite this, many serious truck accidents occur each year as a result of driver fatigue. If you were injured in a trucking accident that may have been caused by driver fatigue, it is important to seek out the counsel of a Denver area attorney who can advise you about your rights and options.

Resources You Can Rely On

Attorney James L. Finegan advocates for clients injured in truck accidents caused by driver fatigue. He has extensive resources to investigate the accident, consulting with experts such as accident reconstructionists, trucking specialists and physicians to determine the extent of the client’s injuries and their effects on the client’s life and family. He reviews all possible insurance coverage, including the client’s own coverage, and will interview witnesses to determine the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

The Driver’s Log: A Key Piece Of Evidence

In addition, Attorney James L. Finegan will investigate the driver’s log, which is one of the best ways to determine whether the driver was fatigued. Drivers are known to alter their logs in an effort to avoid the restrictions placed on their driving time. There are many incentives for drivers to do this: bonuses for delivering a load ahead of schedule, ability to get another load more quickly and the ability to return home sooner are all reasons that drivers falsify their hours of service logs. However, doing this means they are driving fatigued, in violation of the law and more likely to cause accidents.

Driving fatigued at the wheel of an 80,000-pound vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, fatigued drivers often try to counter their sleepiness by taking stimulants that can affect their response times and driving ability. This type of behavior constitutes negligence — negligence that allows a knowledgeable lawyer to build a compelling case for compensating an injured client.

No Attorney Fees Unless You Win

Mr. Finegan offers free initial consultations to clients around Colorado, so you can be confident before committing to a legal case that your claim is solid. You will not have to pay any attorney’s fees unless your case is successful, so you do not have to worry about being unable to afford to file a lawsuit. Contact Attorney James L. Finegan today for more information about contingency fees, or call him to schedule an appointment at (303) 980-5511.