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Inadequate Training Accidents

Trucking companies in Colorado are required to screen drivers and provide them with the training they need to operate semitrucks safely. When they fail to do this and an accident results, those injured in the accident may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries, losses and damages. It is important to consult a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to learn about your rights and options after being injured in a truck accident that may have been caused by an improperly trained driver.

Attorney James L. Finegan assists clients who were injured or lost loved ones in trucking accidents, including accidents caused by the inadequate training of a driver. He has the resources to mount an extensive investigation of the driver’s record and the training provided by the trucking company. This allows Mr. Finegan to develop a strong case for compensation for an injured client. Contact Mr. Finegan to put this experience to work for you.

Trucking Company Requirements: Training And More

Proper training costs money, and trucking companies sometimes flout the regulations in order to increase their profits. Similarly, some trucking companies prefer to avoid the time and money required for proper background checks; some drivers have bad driving records that are not caught when the driver is employed by another trucking company. Finally, trucking companies must supervise their drivers, review their logs and ensure that they are following the rules that they supposedly learned during training.

Failure to screen employees, provide training or supervise drivers adequately are all actionable if they can be shown to have resulted in an accident. Attorney James L. Finegan has a strong record of obtaining compensation for injured clients in Lakewood and around Colorado based on negligent actions such as these.

Attorney James L. Finegan Knows What To Look For

Attorney James L. Finegan has over 40 years of experience handling trucking accidents, and he knows the system well. Looking for every detail in the case is a part of the process, so you can be confident in the strength of your claim before the process even begins. Call Mr. Finegan today at(303) 980-5511 to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.