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CDL/Commercial Driver DUI

Professional truckers know that their livelihood depends on keeping their commercial driver’s license (CDL) current and clear of traffic violations.

In Colorado, a holder of a CDL is subject to a suspension for being charged for driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .04 or above while behind the wheel of a truck or commercial vehicle. Even when off duty, driving in a privately owned car, a professional driver can have a CDL revoked for a DUI.

Truck Driver DUI Defense · CDL Suspensions

If you are the holder of a CDL and facing charges for DUI, drug-related DUI (DUID) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) in Denver, Colorado, CDL DUI attorney James L. Finegan can help. He has been fighting on behalf of professional truck drivers for more than 35 years. He has an in-depth understanding of FMCSA regulations regarding alcohol and drug use behind the wheel and works hard to protect truck drivers’ rights to stay on the road.

Were You Charged With DUI While Driving Through The Denver Area?

Interstate 70 and Interstate 25 intersecting the Denver area are among the region’s most heavily used freeways for interstate truck traffic. If you were charged with DUI or DWAI while delivering a load through the region, Lakewood personal injury attorney James L. Finegan is the DUI defense lawyer to call. He will handle as much as possible from his office in Denver and will attend all court appearances and arrange the best possible outcome, possibly without requiring you to return to the area for court.

Experienced Denver CDL And DUI Offenses Lawyer

Denver DUI attorney James L. Finegan represents professional truck drivers charged with DUI and DWAI in courts throughout the Colorado Front Range region and across Jefferson County. He can help with your case as well.

His fees are reasonable, and payment plans and credit card options are available. His goal is to get you back on the road. Call him at (303) 980-5511 or get in touch online to begin the process.