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Vehicular Homicide Defense

Vehicular homicide arising from DUI or reckless driving is a serious felony in Colorado. It means that you are involved in a traffic accident that results in a fatality. If you are found guilty, you could receive significant prison time and large fines, and you will have a criminal record. You may be found liable in a personal injury lawsuit. The stakes are high; defending a vehicular homicide case requires a knowledgeable attorney who can protect your rights and fight for the best outcome possible.

Experienced Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

Denver vehicular homicide defense attorney James L. Finegan has more than 40 years of experience in criminal defense matters, advocating for clients facing all types of criminal charges. He builds on this experience to defend individuals charged with vehicular homicide. He knows the law and science of DUI and reckless driving as well as the defense strategies that are most likely to produce a positive result in this type of case.

His investigators will examine all the evidence, including the blood alcohol content (BAC) test results. They will determine whether the Intoxilyzer was calibrated properly. If it is possible to challenge the evidence that you were under the influence, you can rely on attorney James L. Finegan. He may be able to file a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence, further strengthening your case.

He will also investigate the crash, consulting with accident reconstructionists, interviewing witnesses and seeking to identify the at-fault party. You may have been legally under the influence but did not cause the accident. Attorney James L. Finegan leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to develop a strong defense.

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For more information about how attorney James L. Finegan can help you, contact him by calling(303) 980-5511. He also welcomes online inquiries and requests for free consultations. He defends clients against DUI charges in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County.