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Lakewood Facial Fractures Attorney

Facial fracture injuries can range in severity from a broken nose that does not require medical treatment to broken facial bones demanding prompt attention and multiple, costly surgeries. After any significant blow to the face or head, victims should be examined by a qualified physician to address any immediate dangers and begin establishing an appropriate course of treatment. Our Lakewood facial fractures attorneys can help victims recover what lost. Contact our firm to see how our law firm can help.

Why Choose Us?

Recovering medical expenses and other compensation for facial fracture victims is a proven strength of our firm. James L. Finegan is a skilled Denver and Lakewood facial fractures lawyer who has helped numerous clients who have suffered facial fractures. He is prepared to give you a free consultation about your viable legal options, whether your injuries occurred in a:

Commitment To Your Recovery

Attorney James L. Finegan is committed to helping people take the legal action necessary to obtain fair compensation for treatment and recovery from:

  • Serious nasal fractures often associated with a blow to the forehead
  • Frontal sinus fractures
  • Orbital “blowout” fractures resulting from impact to the eye and surrounding socket
  • Fractures of the cheekbones, upper jaw or lower jaw, which often call for surgical procedures to prevent serious dental and medical problems in the future

Focusing On You

To talk through what happened with a lawyer who has the knowledge and determination to seek the best outcome in your case, please call Attorney James L. Finegan at (303) 980-5511. You will pay no attorney fees unless Mr. Finegan takes action for you and obtains a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf. The Lakewood facial fracture attorneys represents injured clients in metro Denver and throughout Jefferson County from its office in Lakewood.