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Juvenile Crimes

Attorney James L. Finegan is a knowledgeable, forthright juvenile crimes attorney in Denver who wants the best for young people and believes in second chances. Applying decades of criminal defense experience, he works directly with youth accused of juvenile offenses as well as their parents. His main goal is to protect your child’s future.

Depending on where you live in the Denver metro area or along the Front Range of Colorado, the juvenile case that concerns you may be handled in a juvenile court or adult court. To discuss your needs and begin preparing your defense, contact attorney James L. Finegan today.

Working For You At All Stages

Attorney Finegan knows the law well and understands the unique aspects of the area courts, including productive negotiating techniques and litigation strategies. He puts these assets to work at all stages of your case whether:

  • Negotiating with prosecutors to avoid conviction on criminal charges, including DUI, drug possession, theft, assault or other misdemeanor or felony offenses
  • Exploring sentencing alternatives, programs and resources that can help a youth avoid reoffending
  • Advocating tenaciously for a youth’s individual rights throughout every phase of the case
  • Taking action for expungement of a conviction for a prior offense when all conditions have been met

Attorney Finegan Knows Juvenile Case Strategy

Any criminal allegations you face when under 18 could haunt you and harm your future for many years to come. Contact attorney James L. Finegan today at(303) 980-5511 to schedule a free initial consultation.