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Aggressive Drivers

Sharing the road and driving safely and courteously are critical for public safety, but almost everyone who drives or rides has some experience with the hazards of overly aggressive drivers. Far too often, serious injury-causing accidents on Colorado streets and highways can be traced to aggressive driving behavior that put others at risk.

If you or a family member has been hurt in an accident you believe was caused by “road rage,” tailgating, excessive speed or another form of aggressive driving, please get in touch with Attorney James L. Finegan. His ability to prove another driver’s willful negligence could determine the amount of compensation you ultimately receive for medical costs and other damages.

Analyzing Your Accident

Attorney James L. Finegan knows from his experience reviewing and analyzing thousands of car accidents that aggressive driving often has very serious consequences. His work on behalf of injured and grieving clients has included cases arising from:

  • Drivers allowing their emotions to take over and cause them to commit serious traffic violations such as driving too fast for conditions or cutting another driver off with an unsafe lane change
  • Aggressive, distracted or fatigued commercial truck drivers who often operate under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines
  • Inexperienced drivers who cause accidents through a range of aggressive driving behaviors, including tailgating that leads to a rear-end collision
  • Drivers who fail to yield or share the road, leading to catastrophic bicycle and pedestrian accidents

Road Rage

Some of the more aggressive acts on the road are often considered to be “road rage.” These actions are the result of frustration with the driving of others on the road, and many times can result in an accident. Acts of road rage can include:

  • Sudden lane change to prevent another driver from passing
  • Sudden acceleration to avoid being passed by another car
  • Swerving through traffic to pass
  • Unnecessary excessive acceleration during the passing maneuver
  • Swerving toward another car to intimidate the other driver
  • Tailgating
  • Hand gestures to threaten or warn another driver

While highway safety messages in the media focus most heavily on issues such as drunk driving and texting, aggressive driving has long been recognized as a serious problem.

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